Friday, March 7, 2014

"The New and Improved Ravensgawk Studio"

Ravensgawk Tie Dye has overtaken our home. First it was the dining room, then the back bed room: bits and pieces of it scattered and tucked everywhere else. Only one thing left to do...

...Our new studio is a 24x30 playroom with interior access to a garage work shop. It will be nice to have a dedicated space for art so everything doesn't have to be tucked away in closets. Out of sight out of mind tends to keep me from playing with all the crayons.

This is not to say that our business in the past year has been lucrative, it hasn't. Running the numbers for the past year we managed to spend more than we took in, and continue to "loan" ourselves the capitol. The days of the $10.00 T Shirt are numbered. This year we have already signed on to appear at the Newmarket Old Home/Oyster fest and the The Deerfield fair, as well as anticipating attending Pelham OHD, and Derry Fest. We are again signed on as a vendor at the Londonderry Flea Market, and we hope to visit our favorite little spot off the beaten path, Shirley's Flea Market. We also have our first Tie Dye parties to look forward to.

I don't have any idea how many tie dyes we have put out into the world, but it seems a common occurrence to spot one of our customers. Even Adam, the guy framing our house (on right) was surprised to learn that he owned one of our shirts. Small world! We are thankful to our few but very loyal fans. Some of them own over a dozen shirts. Without their continued support along with our other customers this whole project would not be a practicality.

So here we go for another year. We'll just have to see what it brings, but for now we still have rock to hang, doors to fit, things to build and tie die to make.

Before I go, just a quick shout out to Steve, a friend and neighbor who keeps this project moving along without a piece of paper nor a handshake between us. Its refreshing to know there is still integrity out there in the world!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

We finally opened

We are happy to say that we have finally opened 

Please visit our new web site and stop back often soon as we are working to add items to our inventory. THANK YOU ALL WHO HAVE HELPED TO GET US TO THIS POINT!!!

(Now we can continue with our regularly scheduled program here at the

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ravensgawk Tie Dye

           Thank You for dropping in!

Infant                          $10.00
kids T-Shirts                $10.00                                                            
Small-XL lightweight    $12.00
2X-3X      lightweight    $15.00

Guildan Heavyweight T $16.00 ($18 for 2X/3X) (in adult sizes only)
Bandannas, Hobo bags, Shower Curtains, Tapestries/flags/banners, Dream Catchers
"Hippie" Hemp" Jewelry

Visit us at our new web site

#01 Bleeding Nautilus 2XL

"Jockey Life" 2XL Tagless
Medium Weight

(One of a kind!)

#74 Spiral Black XL
HanesCS XL Tagless
Light Weight
Great for wearing to the gym

made to order
(Item shown is an approximation)

#29 Pinwheel Sm
HanesCS Small Tagless
       Light Weight


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

One of a Kind!

"Sun Frog" 2XL

HanesCS Tagless

Light Weight


Contact us about placing special orders and stocking our product in your shop.

Elephant Trunk Swirl, Kids Size Small

Item # 129 "Elephant Trunk Swirl

Handmade using professional quality dyes and processes.

We have moved to

Available on consignment through Kebel Galleries

Thursday, November 15, 2012

RavensGawk Tie Dye Grand Opening!

Our Etsy project 
is abandoned

RavensGawk Tie Die 
is officially online 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Thanx For Stopping By! TIE DYE?

Welcome to RavensGawk Studio. The archives herein contain artwork and writing that I've compiled over the years. Feel free to browse the archive! If you've dropped in to see some tie dye read on!

Although in the past, Ravensgawk has been non commercial, we are finding that running the studio gets costly. Our latest foray into the world of light and color has found its form in tie dye! We are currently working to open a store on (ravensgawktiedye) where our shirts will be available in sizes infant through XXX. We expect to be open one week before tanxgibbin'. Feel free to inquire about purchasing.

Contact us: 

Be Well!